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Mode 2 Ghost V2 5" Racing Frame

Mode 2 Ghost V2 5" Racing Frame
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  • Brand: Mode 2
  • Product Code: MD2-GHOST-V2
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $49.99
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Mode 2 Ghost V2 5" Racing Frame

One of the best has gotten even better. Mode 2 set out to improve the Ghost in every way possible, leaving opponents without a ghost of a chance on race day.

The Ghost 2 FPV frame is a svelte 65g without stack hardware, 75g with, and features a shocking range of improvements. First, Mode 2 upgraded to 5mm boomerang arms, providing alarming rigidity and frightening strength. Next was an increased the width of the top plate, and removal of some of the chevrons making it more robust. Also, there was an added 5mm of space between the rear arms and stack, for the more ghoulish 4-in-1 ESCs.

All the titanium hardware was left in a ghost town, in favor of far stronger stainless steel. The motor mounts on the arms feature a wider base with added carbon, along with the removing the taper and increasing the amount of carbon that meets the bottom plate. And again, with all that alarming speed still comes the startling risk of damage, so it features the same fantastic quality 3K matte-finish carbon fiber, which is all chamfered.

Remain king of your otherworldly realm, and leave your opponents looking like they just saw a Ghost.


  • 5" stretched X
  • 3K Weave
  • Matte Finish
  • 2mm Top Plate
  • 3mm Bottom Plate
  • 5mm Boomerang Arms
  • Chamfered

  • Airframe: 65g (75g with hardware)


  • 1 x Ghost 2 Frame w/ 5" Arms
  • 12 x Stainless Fasteners (x12) 4x25mm, 4x16mm, 4x8mm, 4x6mm
  • 4 x 20mm Aluminium Standoffs – Gunmetal
  • 4 x M3 Stainless Stack Nuts
  • 4 x 5mm M3 Nylon Stack Risers
  • 1 x TPU SMA Mount – Black
  • 2 x TPU Camera Mount – Black

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