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CL Racing F4S V1.4 Flight Controller

CL Racing F4S V1.4 Flight Controller
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  • Brand: CL Racing
  • Product Code: CLR-F4S-V1-4
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  • $34.99 $29.99
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CL Racing F4S V1.4 Flight Controller

This is the updated version 1.4 of the CL Racing F4 flight controller. Now compatible with all ESCs.

Please NOTE: The 9v jumper has been soldered from the factory. If you wish to run 5v, you must un-solder the 9v jumper and solder the 5v jumper to prevent damage to your device.


  • Built in user selectable 9v or 5v 2A filtered BEC for camera and VTX
  • Dedicated hardware inversion: connect to UART3 for smartport telemetry
  • 6 layer 2oz copper PCB
  • Dedicated camera setting control pads along with camera power signal pads
  • 4 in 1 esc socket with external current sensor input
  • Added TX1 and TX6 pads
  • Supports external current sensor from 4 in 1 ESC
  • 4 esc tabs on each corner for a better layout
  • Supported RX : Dedicated Sbus hardware inversion, Satellite RX, Ibus, TBS Crossfire


  • LiPo Input: 2-6S (5V-30V)
  • Power rail: 3.3v, 5v, 9v, vbat
  • 132A ( MAX display ) Current sensor with 160A PDB build in
  • 6 layer 2oz Copper PCB
  • Size: 36x36mm
  • Mounting holes:  30.5 x 30.5 mm
  • CPU - STM32F405RGT6 (F4 chip)
  • MPU-6000 gyro
  • SD Card socket
  • Built in Betaflight OSD
  • 4 UARTS + USB (UART1 , UART3 ,UART4, UART6 ) (Pinout TX1, TX4, RX4, TX6, RX6 )
  • 5V LED strip output


  • 1x CL Racing F4S Flight Controller
  • 1x 6 pin connector (for esc signal)
  • 4x yellow vibration dampening gummies

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